The purpose of the Alvington Turbine Community Resilience Fund has been publicly stated from the outset of this community project, including at the pre-planning stage.

To help build community resilience in Alvington, Aylburton and environs by addressing current needs and future challenges.


Applicants will be required to explain how the funding they seek will help to build community resilience in Alvington, Aylburton and environs and show a basic understanding of what this means.

The Society is keen to receive applications for projects/actions which will help to create a lasting legacy, providing social, environmental and/or local economic benefits for the community.

There will be no requirement for match funding as with some community grant schemes. However, applicants may leverage additional funds by the use of a successful funding award from the Alvington Turbine Community Resilience Fund as match funding for another funding stream.

Allocations of the funding available at each 6 monthly funding round are decided by an Advisory Panel against the fund criteria. The panel is made up of 9 local residents of Alvington/Aylburton who applied for the voluntary position at the last call.  Appointments are for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 3 years. Additional calls for applications will be made when a vacancy on the Advisory Panel arises. 

Available funds are limited and not all applications received can be successful. The decisions of the Advisory Panel are based on merit after careful consideration. Decisions are final, although feedback will be given in relation to all applications received. 

In some cases the Advisory Panel may allocate funds subject to the provision of further information by an applicant. In such cases this must be received to the satisfaction of the Advisory Panel prior to the release of the allocated funds.

All applicants will be required to comply with Terms and Conditions as specified on the Application Form. Funds must be used for the purposes specified in an application and within the specified time period, or returned to the Community Resilience Fund for reallocation.

Lobbying of Advisory Panel members in relation to an application is not permitted and applicants who do so will be disqualified. 

Advisory Panel members must declare any interest in applications received at each funding round, and those with interests in an application will be ineligible to vote on the outcome of the application.

Any generic queries in relation to potential applications to the fund should be addressed to REACR@theresiliencecentre.co.uk.