Community Trubine (with aeroplane in background)

The 500KW Community Wind Turbine at Alvington is owned and operated by Resilient Energy Alvington Court Renewables (REACR), a Community Benefit Society registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.

The turbine was installed on 24th November 2015 with commissioning completed in early January 2016. The turbine is generating clean, green electricity in line with expectations and is well placed to deliver against the society’s social aims over the turbine’s operational lifetime. These include establishing the Alvington Turbine Community Resilience Fund to help address the current needs and future challenges in the host community of Alvington, Aylburton and their environs.

The society is committed to making a positive difference locally in addition to the environmental benefits directly associated with the generation of renewable energy.



Successful projects must be of clearly defined benefit to the community of Alvington/Aylburton and environs.

Receipt of any funding received from the Alvington Turbine Community Resilience Fund must be acknowledged by grant recipients if they mention their project publicly.

Prior to expenditure, funding recipients will be required to provide evidence that the use of the funding granted, will be in accordance with the application approved for funding.

The Society may detail approved projects and funding recipients within its own publicity and in related activities concerning community resilience.

Funding recipients must provide a suitable photo of the project activity which the funding has helped to facilitate within 6 months of receipt of funding.

If for any reason an approved project does not go ahead within 6 months of funding being granted to the recipient, the funding must be returned to the Alvington Turbine Community Resilience Fund for reallocation to future applicants, unless an extension of time has been agreed by the Board of Resilient Energy Alvington Court Renewables in writing.

Retrospective applications (ie where expenditure has already been incurred) will be ineligible for funding from this source.

Use this Application Form to submit your application to the Alvington Turbine Community Resilience Fund. There are funding rounds every 6 months with deadlines for receipt of applications by 31st July and 31st January each year. Applications may be:

1 – submitted online below, or

2 – Downloaded,  filled in, and returned by email to REACR@theresiliencecentre.co.uk,  or

3 – Downloaded, filled in and posted to the society’s registered address: Resilient Energy Alvington Court Renewables Limited, Woodlands, Woodside, Woolaston, Lydney, Glos. GL15 6PS.