LATEST NEWS We are delighted to announce that on 26th November we were recipients of the prestigious 2013 Green Energy Award for Best Community Initiative. See our News Page for more details

Resilient Energy is the renewable energy partnership focus of The Resilience Centre Ltd, a social purpose business helping to build resilience in society, in response to climate change and depleting resources.  

We believe that the best way to realise renewable energy potential is to develop a fair and equitable relationship between the landowner, the developer and the local community.



We work in partnership with landowners to deliver investable Community Scale projects designed to help meet rather than exceed local energy demand, whilst also making a positive difference to the quality of life and resilience of the communities in which they are based through both a community investment scheme and a meaningful annual donation to the local community (eg averaging £15,000 to £20,000 a year for the 25 year operation of a single 500kW turbine). 

Our approach has significant benefits in terms of reducing up front "at risk " costs to a minimum in exchange for an equity stake in the project. 

We are currently have 9 partnership projects, with our first consented project, a Community Scale wind turbine installed in September 2012,and located just a few minutes from our office in the Forest of Dean

We are also working on a number of field scale solar partnership projects which we will offer for community investment/crowd funding at the development stage.

If you are a farmer, estate manager, business or community interested in establishing a Resilient Energy partnership with The Resilience Centre, we would be delighted to hear from you.


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