Resilient Energy Cherry Rock & Resilient Energy Mounteney’s

Resilient Energy Cherry Rock and Resilient Energy Mounteney’s are 50/50 joint ventures between The Resilience Centre and Mr Winston Howes, a farmer in Kingswood, Stroud District, who is the owner of both Cherry Rock Farm and Mounteney’s Farm.

Two single turbine Planning Applications were submitted to Stroud District Council in Spring 2012.   Preplanning Consultations were overwhelmingly positive and we are pleased to report that after 18 months in planning both projects were recently approved by Stroud District Council's Planning Committee.

The partnerships were established following joint investment in preplanning work led by The Resilience Centre for two single Community Scale wind turbine projects, one on either farm.  The projects are designed to help meet, not exceed, the local energy demand of the surrounding villages and the sites are located approximately 1.2km apart.

Independent specialists in Landscape, Noise and Ecology confirmed both sites as suitable for the 500kW turbines proposed.  All other environmental work indicates minimal environmental impact from the proposed schemes. On balance the applications were found to have significant planning merit.     

A commitment to an annual community donation averaging £15k - £20k a year for each of the two turbines throughout the operational life ( 25 years) will result in significant socio-economic benefits to the area following development.  As for Resilient Energy Great Dunkilns, the intention is also to open up the projects for community investment and we are working towards an offer document in the coming months   Register interest by emailing us or pledging support via the link.CLICK HERE

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